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My paranoid ass is not pregnant.

Well, asses can’t get pregnant. But my uterus is sans zygote so that’s cool.


OMG y’all…

How did I let such a piece of TMI not end up on Tumblr?

Yesterday/today was the first anniversary of my sexual debut.

Yes I recreated it except it was a lot better and less bloody and my earring didn’t fall out and get stuck in my nose for a second.

P.S. Old family friend who now occupies the apartment: I did it in your bed. Hope you’re enjoying it. Next time I am wasted and I see you I might tell you this. Everyone should be prepared.

TMI Tuesday I have a motherfucking cold sore.


Anyway ask me random questions that may or may not have to do with my lip situation.

TMI Tuesday

Ask me questions while I’m Tumbling in the bathtub. :D

Anon or not!

I’m so frustrated.

do you like sex with clothes on or off? shoes/boots on or off? how about on the desk, floor table, shower?

Asked by Anonymous

I keep all of my clothes on when I have sex, even a hat and scarf. I keep my shoes and boots on too, especially when I do it in the shower.

I just took a picture of my ass.

Because it looks especially large.

This has been a TMI Tuesday post.

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Today’s adventures in procrastination, Part 1: Take a leisurely bath (with bubbles!) instead of studying Biology.

Current list of things to do besides studying:

  • Open Instagram and start Instagramming shit like crazy even though you’ve never touched this app before now.
  • Finish off a package of Oreos.
  • Make tea.
  • Play Words with Friends (which is more fun than EVER during finals!)
  • Do a crossword puzzle (my favorite!)
  • Take Advil for massive headache.
  • Watch two episodes of Kitchen Nightmares
  • Watch Glee
  • Tumblr.

To be continued…

(I did read over my notes for my final. But that hardly counts.)

TMI Tuesday, ask me inappropriate, personal, sexual, awkward questions. I’ll answer anything you’re curious about.


Please :)

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what size bra do you wear?

Asked by Anonymous

I’m not answering this anymore.

Unless you’re going on a shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret for me!!!!!!!  Then I’ll be happy to answer it for the 500th time.

do you use the shower head ;) in your bubble baths?

Asked by Anonymous

My shower head is about six feet up the wall, and it’s immobile.

I can’t levitate, so I think that answers it.

rough and fast or soft and slow

Asked by Anonymous


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More bathtub time. :)

Send me some questions or something!