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A rare sister photo.

5 Hour Video Chats

My sister Allison and I like to have super long and mostly pointless video chats.

The majority of the time consists of us just sitting there being in each other’s presence. It’s like we are in the same room even though we are almost 400 miles apart.

I listened to her watch a movie on Netflix. She watched my sofa while I took a shower. I listened to her phone calls. We did screen sharing and thoroughly Facebook stalked significant others.  I painted my nails while watching her dorm room bunk while she took a shower. You know…normal stuff.

I think it’s a perfectly fine way to spend a Thursday night. Also my sister is awesome.

Even if she goes to Bama.


Me: I always text first.
Allison: Don't!
Me: Why not?
Allison: Play hard to get.
Me: ...But I'm not.

Hey sister!

Happy Independence Day, for what it’s worth.  We still have way too much progress to make before I’ll truly celebrate.