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Chocolate pudding, butterscotch, condensed milk, marshmallow, and sprinkle pie. AKA “What In TARDation Did We Just Make” and you don’t know shit Mr. Snowman @lamcdan (at Woodlands Of Baton Rouge)

Last night’s Italian meal! #omgicooked (at Woodlands Of Baton Rouge)

Chili! (Taken with Instagram at Woodlands Of Baton Rouge)

Crepes filled with Nutella and fruit.

Roasted homegrown tomatoes and pasta.

Chicken breast with bruschetta topping.

Inspired by The Pioneer Woman.

Crawfish étouffée

Dinner: chicken breast and cheese tortellini with lemon herb sauce

Greek salad

Messy but incredible: homemade Bruschetta

Tasty dinner.

Adventures in Cooking for One: Breakfast Burritos

This is one of the things I’ve been able to make for the longest, and one of the few things I can cook altogether. I remember finding a recipe in a kid’s cookbook I had back in the day and loved to make them for dinner. Obviously, breakfast foods are the best foods. This recipe is pretty delicious and requires almost no skill and very basic ingredients that you probably already have. You can make this a lot more interesting or creative or tasty, but here’s the simple version.

  1. Warm up your tortilla in the microwave, slice up some tomatoes and jalapeños.
  2. Scramble a couple of eggs and season them a bit.
  3. On the tortilla: eggs, tomatoes, jalapeños, shredded cheese, and a bit of salsa.
  4. Wrap ‘em up!
  5. NOM. They are colorful, which is a plus.

You can make these non-vegetarian, too. You could add onions to your eggs or spread some beans on your tortilla or top with sour cream.

Nutella stuffed French Toast

Adventures in cooking: angel hair pasta with creamy tomato sauce (Taken with Instagram at The Cottages Of Baton Rouge)