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Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre


Sarah Lamb

Ladies and gentlemen, my sister… (the one in the back!)


Marianela Nunez and Rupert Pennefather.

(via theballetblog)

I got back from New York City yesterday!  I went for a few days as my sister finished up her ballet intensive at American Ballet Theatre.  I enjoyed seeing quieter parts of the city and cute shops and restaurants and parks, but being drenched in the rain and being with my family in close quarters didn’t make for a perfect trip.  I did, however, enjoy my short stay in the end.  I still don’t understand New York and the bigness of it all, but I can appreciate observing a very different way of life for a few days.

I also racked up tons of Foursquare points and deals ;)  Free cheese fries, free cocktails, pretty sweet!

I went to sign into Foursquare at one point and saw the Tumblr headquarters listed in nearby locations!  I was going to track it down, but it was late and I’m sure all I’d get to see was an address or something.  But alas, I was right next to the birthplace of Tumblr, which excited me!

But now I’m back.  I feel like I’ve missed so many daily doses of Tumblr.  I suppose I have.  I’ll get back to it :D