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My BFFs #nationaldogday ❤️ #doxie #wieners

Hanging out with Gretel at Madisonville’s redneck river bar to officially end the summer! #dachshund #tchefuncte #imissmydoggies (at T Rivers Bar and Grill)

Me and Gretel hanging out at Madisonville’s redneck river bar to officially and the summer! #dachshund #tchefuncte #imissmydoggies (at T Rivers Bar and Grill)

Juice and Lost 🍋🍍🍏@bigsqueezyjuicery #imissedsawyer (at The Park On Bluebonnet)

Juice and Lost 🍋🍍🍏@thebigsqueezy (at The Park On Bluebonnet)

☺️ (at Castine Center In Pelican Park)

Painting furniture for my new apartment with an #Abita! #diy #anniesloan #chalkpaint #wip (at Home)


1/? Films - The Parent Trap (1998)

"And I suppose you just expect me to go weak at the knees, and fall into your arms and cry hysterically…. And… and, you and I just picking up where we left off and growing old together… … C’mon Nick what do you expect? To live happily ever after?" 

Yes. To all of the above. Except you don’t have to cry hysterically.”

Oh, yes I do.”

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When digital tv info glitches are more accurate than the actual show info

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⭐️It was a great Independence Weekend!⭐️ #usa #fireworks #tchefuncte (at Madisonville Riverfront)

⭐️🎆Belated 4th of July🎇⭐️#usa #fireworks (at Madisonville Riverfront)

210 196 167 and 15! (I'll answer yours for me when I have my laptop!)

Asked by wearetheeast

210-What are you supposed to be doing right now?

  • Nothing, really. There are certainly things I could be doing, but it’s not awful if I keep procrastinating. I could be doing dishes, taking a bath, or even writing lesson plans.

196-You’re given $10,000…under one condition: you cannot keep the money for yourself. Who would you give it to?

  • I’d give it to my boyfriend and then we could basically share it :)

167-Do you get jealous easily?

  • I wouldn’t say so. I do get jealous occasionally, but I’m not super concerned about such things. Especially with relationships. I don’t really have jealousy issues there.

15-Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it:

  • I generally like my body, my skin complexion, my hair, my face… But I am NOT in shape at all right now and need to make more significant changes to my diet and be more active. I have no one but myself to blame. I still like the way I look and can be pretty happy, but there are definitely changes that I need to be responsible for. I’m lazy and I admit it!


DIY Daisy Vans - mini silk flowers + Vans. Do you know the original source of the top photo? I google image searched it and got weheartit to tumblr to pinterest to weheart it. You can find mini silk flower in the bridal section of the Dollar Store or any craft store.